Study of advanced foreign experience in development of regional master plans and transition to a "Green" economy

21/11/2022 - 18:01 475

A working group consisting of representatives of the Ministries of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction, Finance, Construction, Housing and Communal Services, Energy, and the Central Bank of Uzbekistan, as well as the first deputy khakims of Namangan, Tashkent, Kashkadarya, and Khorezm regions visited France.

 The main purpose of the visit was to study France's experience in developing regional master plans and the transition to a "green" economy, as well as meetings with ministries and departments, organizations, and companies of France, discussing issues of establishing cooperation with them.

For information: The delegation of Uzbekistan held meetings with Paris Habitat, the National Federation of Urban Architectural Agencies (FNAU), the Institute of the Paris Region, the National Agency of Territorial Unity (ANST) Ministry of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, Ministry of Energy transition, ADEME, Banque de France, Institute for Climate Research, Agora Energiewende, MEDEF International and the organizations that are part of it, as well as, the "Olympic village" project was presented.

 During the visit, the following issues were discussed in order to develop master plans for urban development and expand cooperation in the direction of green economy development:

- Construction of social houses for the lower strata of the population in France, criteria for the selection of needy segments of the population, requirements for real estate developers;

- Creation of an urban planning agency;

- Attracting experienced French specialists in the field of urban planning to Uzbekistan;

- Cooperation on the development of eco-cities, neighborhoods;

- wide use of the opportunities of small and medium-sized cities and the development of central regions, state support ;

- Development of digital technologies in rural areas, use of tourism potential;

- The main goals set for 2030 and 2050 to reduce climate change and greenhouse gas emissions based on the documents "French National Low-carbon Strategy" and "French Climate and Energy Strategy";

- Development of carbon capture and storage systems (CCS) by reducing greenhouse gas and carbon emissions;

- Cooperation on the study of mechanisms for allocating subsidies in the fields of energy, combating climate change, adaptation and improvement of air quality, support for circular principles of land resources and raw materials;

- Active participation in initiatives implemented in the NGFS network (Network for Greening the Financial System - NGFS) between the Central Banks of France and the Republic of Uzbekistan;

- Study of the mechanism of regulation of carbon boundaries (CBAM) of trade (carbon pricing, carbon tax) in the European Union.

The Olympic Village project and its construction, which is being built for the 2024 Olympic Games, as well as the use of energy-saving technologies in construction, the choice of architectural solutions during construction, the use of other cheap and environmentally friendly materials in construction and other issues were visited.

  A round table was held at the meeting organized at MEDEF International with the participation of such companies as: Axens, Cabinet Adaltys, Dassault Systemes, Egis, Eiffel Infrastructures, Groupe ADP, Meridiam, Roxalex, Societe Generale, Vinci Highways, Mouvement Des Entreprises de France, etc.

The possibilities of applying the best practices of France to the cities of Uzbekistan for the implementation of public-private partnership projects with French companies in Uzbekistan, as well as the implementation of public-private partnership projects in the fields of drinking water supply and sanitation, oil and gas industry, electric power, transport were discussed. 

  During the discussions, the companies voiced several proposals for establishing potential future cooperation.

  The final meetings were held with the Director of the Department of Asia, Central Asia and Eurasia, the French Development Agency (FAR) and other employees of the Agency for "green" budgeting, Urban Planning and Housing Construction.

 The FAR Strategy for Sustainable Cities, supporting the development of small, medium and large cities and ensuring climate stability, improving the quality of life in cities and supporting sustainable urban territorial development on a large scale, as well as opening up new prospects for cooperation in the urban sector, bilateral negotiations were held between the FTA and the Republic of Uzbekistan. passed.

 Following the meetings and discussions, agreements were signed between the French Development Agency and the Ministry of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction: "Cooperation in the field of green economy" and "On the Master Plan of Urban Development".


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 Ministry of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction