Achieved textile and clothing and knitwear industry results for the first half of 2021

30/07/2021 - 13:48 456

In the republic's manufacturing industry, the share of textile and garment products totalled 17.4 per cent (growth rate 114 per cent) in the first half of 2021.

Also, textile and garment enterprises in the industry have produced products worth 28.1 trillion soums, the growth rate amounting to 121 percent compared to the same period last year.

Among them, "Bukhara Cotton Textile Ltd", "Berad teks Ltd", "Shahrisabz tekstil" Ltd, "Big prom servis" Ltd, "IP Medex textile" Ltd, "Uzwoolentex" Ltd and "Texno tex" Ltd have imposed the production of new products.

Such as denim (75% cotton, 25% polyester), blended fibre fabrics (70% cotton, 30% polyester), viscose blend yarns, disposable medical non-woven protective articles, blended fibre yarns (65% cotton, 35% polyester), blended wool fabrics, blended fibre fabrics for special clothing and uniforms, heat resistant Aramid fabrics.

In particular, the apparel industry should be considered the main engine of the finished textile and garment and knitwear industries. Finished textiles and clothing and knitted goods form the supply chain for raw materials and semi-finished goods.


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