Roundtable on reforms and development strategies in the sphere of land and urbanization

15/11/2021 - 20:24 1195

On November 15, a roundtable discussion was organized with the participation of First Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Ilhom Norkulov, Deputy Minister of Finance Dilshod Sultanov and representatives of the World Bank, led by the Senior Technical Advisor and global leader on land and geospatial aspects Wael Zakut.

The roundtable also included World Bank Project Manager and Chief Land Management Specialist Nadezh Orlova, Senior Land Policy Advisor David Egiashvili, Senior Economist of World Bank Country Office in Uzbekistan Viniyak Nagaraj, Deputy Director of Cadaster Agency under the State Tax Committee Mirsaid Mirmaksudov and representatives of the responsible departments of the Ministry of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction.

During the roundtable, the World Bank commented on the draft legislation on land relations, as well as, the issues were discussed on the government's future plans, the possibility of land management in the framework of the project "Modernization of real estate registration and cadaster" in cooperation with the World Bank on the basis of foreign experiences.

The parties also exchanged views on the role of land relations in the modern economy, economic development, in particular, land reform, cadastral projects, use of vacant lands, the formation of agricultural lands, tax reforms, the creation of new businesses, job creation, the role of land reform in housing and poverty alleviation.

        At the end of the roundtable, the parties agreed to further expand mutually beneficial cooperation, provide comprehensive assistance in current and future projects, and continue discussions at the next meeting.


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