Online seminar on priority international ratings and indices

30/10/2021 - 09:52 1710

On October 28, 2021, the Department of International Ratings and Business Infrastructure Improvement of the Ministry of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction held an online seminar for employees of the main territorial departments, district and city departments of the Ministry on the topic: "Priority international ratings: methodology, current position of the republic, role and importance in development of Uzbekistan”.

The seminar was attended by more than two hundred employees of regional departments of the ministry, at the beginning the participants were informed about the prerequisites for working with international ratings, the history of the development of relevant structures and mechanisms for working with them, and the current system for achieving key performance indicators for 24 priority indices was explained.

Deputy Head of Department A. Kalandarov made a presentation on the "Index of Economic Freedom" (Heritage Foundation) to the participants of the seminar.

  The presentation outlined the methodological structure of the index, assessment methods, ranking position of the Republic of Uzbekistan among the CIS countries, and it was also noted that in the context of the relevant indicators, high results were achieved due to the liberalization of the judicial system, the introduction of information systems into it, the growth of added value created by each employee, improving business freedom, which noted the strengthening of the rights of minority investors when making important corporate decisions and improving corporate transparency.

Chief specialist J.Tokhirov informed the participants of the seminar in detail about the reforms carried out in recent years to create a favorable business environment, as well as about their reflection in the results of international ratings and indices.

The chief specialist of this department L.Khujaev made a presentation on the "Human Development Index" (UNDP) to the participants of the seminar. It was noted that as a result of large-scale reforms carried out over the past five years, the level of enrollment in higher education increased from 9% to 29%, the number of higher educational institutions doubled from 72 to 141, the importance of stable economic growth in order to ensure an increase in the level of income of the population was emphasized.

The chief specialist of this department J.Kushmanov presented the "Industrial Competitiveness Index" (UNIDO) and its importance for the analysis of the level of the country's industrial development. Also, during the presentation, information was provided on the methodology for calculating the index and its criteria to ensure proper monitoring of the manufacturing sector in the regions, identifying driver industries, growth points, as well as assessing the impact of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission on the index value.

  Head of the Department for Monitoring National Goals and Objectives in the Field of Sustainable Development and Analysis of the Living Standards of the Population A.Umarkhodjaev made a report on the "Sustainable Development Goals" (Bertelsmann Stiftung).

The presentation provided detailed information on the goals and objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals and their dependence on international rankings and indices, and it was also emphasized that the calculation takes into account only the results of international comparisons, studies and surveys.

The departments of the ministry together with its regional departments will continue mutual activities to improve the position of Uzbekistan in international ratings and indices.

You can view the seminar presentations at the following links:

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2.Economic freedom index

3.Doing business

4.Human development index

5.Competitive Industrial Performance Index

6.Sustainable Development Goals


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