About the work done within the framework of the project “Development of rural infrastructure” with the participation of the World Bank and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

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In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PD-4898 of November 25, 2020, the “Rural Infrastructure Development” Project is being implemented with the participation of the World Bank, the International Development Association and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

For reference: the total cost of the project is 183.6 million USD, of which the International Development Association of the World Bank has allocated 100 million USD (54.5%), the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank 82 million USD (44.6%) The Republic of Uzbekistan 1.6 million USD (0.9%).

The main goal of "Rural Infrastructure Development" Project is to apply a new approach to improving the basic infrastructure and social facilities. At the same time, the project provides for the organization of the participation of the rural population with broad involvement and is aimed at ensuring transparency and accountability in implementing the project on the basis of public participation in decision-making and control over subprojects using methods of studying in practice.

The project is being implemented in 5 regions, the funds are planned to be disbursed within 306 villages covering the population of 1.3 million. It is planned to reach the population, which will ensure direct participation of the population in the process of choosing subprojects in these territories.

130 villages are planned to be selected in the regions Andijan, Ferghana and Namangan in 2021-2022. Agreements were signed with facilitating partner NGOs providing for the process of selecting subprojecs, and approved by the World Bank in May this year.

In order to mobilize communities and population in Andijan and Ferghana regions, the Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development ACTED (France), the International Secretariat for Water (Canada), the national movement “Yuksalish” and the non-governmental non-profit organization “Taraqqiyot” (Uzbekistan), and in the Namangan region – the Center for Entrepreneurship Development and Execution (CEED, Bulgaria) and the Limited Liability Company “Rhytm Plus” (Uzbekistan) carry out their activities.

This community mobilization work will be carried out from July 5 to 28 this year in the above-mentioned areas through training seminars, as well as practical work in certain rural areas. The International Consulate of the World Bank conducts training seminars for specialists of affiliated non-profit organizations and monitors practical work carried out in rural areas, as well as provides practical assistance.

Consulting partners of Ferghana valley plan to carry out work on 25 subprojects throughout 2021.

In addition, in order to organize work on improving the basic infrastructure and social facilities in the villages for 2021-2022, a total of 45 villages were selected in the regions Jizzakh and Syrdarya. Currently, the mobilization of the population and teams has been completed in 20 of them.

Also, within the framework of the project, 2 modern schools are planned to be build for 264 seats in “Sokhil” mahalla gatherings of Pakhtabad district in Andijan and 220 seats in “Saray” mahalla gatherings of Bakhmal district in Jizzakh, design and estimate documentation have been developed and state expertise has been carried out. Today, the process of determining the contractor for construction and repair work is underway.

In addition, 25 subprojects, which are of paramount importance and relevance in selected villages, were found, including clean drinking water (11), improvement of power supply systems (7), repair of internal streets (3), reconstruction of school buildings (2), construction of bridges (1) and sewage drainage (drainage reconstruction) (1).

Currently, "Single Customer Service" engineering companies under the regional khokimiyats are partaking as customers holding competitions for design organizations.

In 2021, as a result of the implementation of the above measures, 20.5 million US dollars will be allocated within the framework of the project. It is planned to apply funds in the amount of 100 million US dollars.


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