Presentation on the results of work on socio-economic development of Kashkadarya region and poverty reduction

19/06/2021 - 09:41 423

On June 15, the Ministry of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction hosted a presentation by Berdiev Anvar Abduvalievich, First Deputy Head of the Kashkadarya Regional Department for Economic Development and Poverty Reduction, on the results of socio-economic development and poverty reduction in Kashkadarya region. The event was organized in the form of a videoconference, which was attended by employees of the central office of the Ministry and representatives of regional offices of the Ministry, who presented their proposals and questions.

The presentation analyzed the macroeconomic indicators of the region, the classification of districts (cities) on the state of socio-economic development, the work carried out on the basis of "Mahallabay" system of work, the implementation of items of the approved program of measures to reduce poverty in the regions in 2021.

The current macroeconomic indicators of the region were analyzed, on the basis of which information was provided on the expectations of these indicators, forecast parameters, risks that affect the non-fulfillment;

Also, according to the results of a survey conducted among entrepreneurs and the population, the initial rating of the regions was formed. According to preliminary data, the regions were assessed as follows:

Green areas - Karshi city and Kitab district;

Yellow areas - Yakkabag, Shakhrisabz, Mubarek, Mirishkor, Kamashi, Kasan, Nishan, Dehkanabad, Karshi, Kasbi districts and the city of Shakhrisabz;

Red Zones - Guzar and Chirakchi districts.

Once the final results are available, a separate program for the development of red zones is planned.

In addition, a total of 1,364 managers and employees of the "Mahallabay" system were mobilized to address the problems and shortcomings identified on the basis of the "Mahallabay" system. 771 mahallas have permanent employees from commercial banks.

In addition to, on the basis of the "Mahallabay" system, management offices in 60 sectors, coordination groups in districts and cities have been established.

Furthermore, information was provided on the status of the "Iron Book", "Women's Book" and "Youth Book" in order to provide social support to the needy, entrepreneurship, assistance in the implementation of initiatives and ideas.

Also, According to the results of the loan analysis provided by commercial banks under family business development programs and new job creations, the unemployed were also engaged in job vacancies, and given preferential loans. The list of poor people formed as “Iron Book”, “Women’s Book” and “Youth Book” were subsidized and given financial aids to build greenhouses, and other types of aids were also provided. There were cases of re-evaluatе in the work with citizens included in the "Iron Book", "Women's Book" and "Youth Book" in the region, and the existing problems were analyzed and proposals for the creation of a new system were discussed, "Iron Book", "Women's Book" and "Youth Proposals on opening a common electronic portal for "notebook", existing problems and their solutions were considered.

At the end of the presentation, officials of the ministry and representatives of the main departments of the region identified the work to be done in the future on the socio-economic development of the regions and poverty reduction.

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