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Project "Improving energy efficiency of industrial enterprises" with the International Association for Development "

In accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers of 25.07.2011 № 211 "On measures for implementation of the project" Improving the energy efficiency of industrial enterprises "with the participation of the International Development Association" in 2011 with the World Bank has launched a project "Improving the energy efficiency of industrial enterprises ", in which involved a loan of $ 25 million. preferential long-term from the International Development Association. loan funds available for financing investment projects of industrial enterprises for the acquisition of modern energy-efficient equipment and the introduction of energy saving technologies by opening credit lines at participating commercial banks (Uzpromstroybank, Asaka Bank, Hamkor Bank). Read more »

The "Clean Development Mechanism"

Uzbekistan is the largest country in Central Asia with a booming economy. Annual GDP growth is 7.9%, the growth of industrial production over 8%. In Uzbekistan there are more than 27 million people, or 45% of the population of Central Asia. Uzbekistan has vast natural resources, including more than 200 deposits of natural gas, coal, oil and oil condensate. Conservatively estimated total reserves of these deposits constitute 2.1-3.6 billion tons of oil equivalent.  Read more »


"Strengthening of the decision making process in the Ministry of Economy in order to improve efficiency and productivity"


The main objective of the project is capacity building of the Ministry of Economy in increasing their efficiency and productivity by implementing e-government tools in the Ministry. To achieve this goal, the project envisages the following main tasks:

  1. ICT infrastructure development
  2. Capacity building of human resources and training
  3. Capacity building to improve the regulatory environment of ICT (internal processes and procedures, provisions for coordination and exchange of data between administrations).  Read more »